Vampire Viking Angel

I came across a paranormal romance novel that starred a vampire viking angel and this was the mental image I got from that concept.

It’s Over 9,000!!

Cartoony doodle of someone having a bad day.

Ghost Stole My Head

Part two of a series of a struggle between a pumpkin ghost and a dullahan done for Halloween.

Give Me My Head!

Part one of a struggle between a cute pumpkin ghost and a dullahan done for Halloween.

Witchsona Week

Drawn for Witchsona Week on Tumblr.


Textless version of a page done for a creation story in Fantastique*Magick.

A Very Good Question

A page I made for Fantastique*Magick that I just plain think is funny.

(Un)Known Story

Another part of the creation story from Fantastique*Magick.

Cats Are Masters of Stealth

A page done for Fantastique*Magick.

Cute Witch Nevaeh

Nevaeh from Fantastique*Magick. I colored this image both with marker brushes in Manga Studio 5 and the normal way I color my comic.

Downtown Chase

A page I did for Fantastique*Magick that I’m rather proud of.

Angel PUNCH!

A page I made for Fantastique*Magick.